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The purpose of this website is to post activities in Venetia  such as criminal activities, meetings, events, specials, activities, suspicious activities, lost pets, warnings, homes for sale or rent, block parties, home based business networking , special deals going on with our vendors in the area and general good neighbor relations. It will also post criminal acitivities and warnings in Ortega, Ortega Forest, Ortega Farms, Riverside and Avondale. I am a long-time resident of Venetia and have realized that there are have been crimes in these areas that possibly could have been prevented if we just had some central communication posted somewhere.  If you have infomation on any of the above that would be helpful to our neighbors please email me at or enter your information on the Contact Page. This is still a work in progress and I welcome your suggestions and posts. Please pass this site on to our neighbors!

October 16, 2013: We have had a bombardment of burglaries and break-ins in the Venetia, Ortega, Ortega Forest, Fairfax and Avondale areas in the last 2 weeks. Please go to the Contact Page as stated below and sign up for "Neighborhood Alerts" to find out what is happening! If you know or see of anything suspicious or hear of any criminal activity, please first call the JSO non-emergency  # at 904-630-0500 and then email me at right away so we can warn our neighbors.

For Instant Alerts on what is happening in Venetia/Ortega/Ortega Forest/Avondale/ Riverside/Fairfax/Ortega Farms OR if you have current information of events that are happening right now that you want to share with the Neighborhood, go to the Contact Page above and send me your message AND your email address and I will email it to the Neighborhood.


Next ShAdCo Meeting

The Annual Sheriff's Advisory Council (ShAdCo) Meeting for Sector "J", Zone 4  is  Thursday night, October 24th, at 7pm. The meeting will be in the Boyd Chapel (Ortega United Methodist Church), 4807 Roosevelt Blvd. The speaker will be the Public Information Officer.

The speaker will be Detective M. Sikes, Gun Unit. Voting for Chairperson and Co-Chair will be conducted at this time.
For more information, please call the Zone 4 Substation at 904-573-3165

Good suggestion! Would you be willing to organize this in your neighborhood or block?
Perhaps it's time for a little proactive acivity from the neighborhood. Why don't the neighbors begin riding through the neighborhood(s) at different intervals during the day/evening/night? You don't have to be the deputy, but you can ride through with your eyes wide open, and report when you see something abnormal. I believe that if you increase the activity in the neighborhoods, they won't seem so appealing to crooks, i.e too much traffic, etc!
My thoughts. . .
John Reynolds, W4IJJ
Communications Officer
American Red Cross
N FL Region
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