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Operation Identification Program (From
Protect Your Property, Engrave it!

Operation Identification is the engraving of your valuables with your Florida driver's license number to deter burglars and also to prove ownership should the article be stolen and recovered by the police. Permanently marked valuables are more difficult for the burglar to dispose of and many times he won't bother stealing these items.

DO NOT mark your items with your Social Security number. Federal regulations governing the identity of Social Security registrants make the numbers impossible to trace. If you engrave your valuables with a license number from another state, be sure to include the initials for that state. (FL, GA, NC, SC, etc.)

Suggested items for marking: Bicycles, televisions, stereos, tape recorders, cd & dvd players, cameras, appliances, sporting goods, guns, typewriters, computers, sewing machines, clocks, power tools, lawn mowers, outboard motors, golf clubs, etc.

Items which cannot be marked, antiques, china, coins, etc., should be photographed in color with the owner's identification. A complete description of the article should be written on the back of the photograph.
Once you've engraved your property, be sure to maintain a list of the articles, manufacturer & model, serial number and location number, or photographs in a safe place.

For additional information, contact the Community Affairs Division at (904)630-2160, or any of the sub-stations. Electric engravers are available at each police sub-station, and can be borrowed, FREE of charge, for up to two days at a time.

Zone 4 - Cedar Hills Substation (904)573-3165
             3726 Blanding Boulevard
             Jacksonville, FL  32210


Good Advice:
Please let your immediate neighbors know when you will be out of town and ask them to grab your mail and newspaper rather than leaving them to collect by your door.  Please keep your car doors locked at all times of the day and night.  We are all safer if you are not a target.  If you have not yet reported to the JSO that you were a victim of the recent crime wave, please consider doing so.  Under some circumstances, you may be able to make your incident report to the JSO by telephone.  If the JSO has an accurate count of the incidents in our area, the JSO will provide better protection to address this “trend”, as possible.

National Sex Offender Registry:
     Find out if there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood, their names, address and what was the offense.


Venetia Area History: Venetia is a part of the greater land development called Ortega, named after an old plantation dating back to the early 1800's. In 1906, the Ortega Company, owned by J.N.C. Stockton, purchased the 5,000 acre tract. The Ortega bridge was constructed in 1908 and the land platted in 1909. Residential development surged during the Florida land boom of the 1920's. The Venetia subdivision was founded by Colonel Raymond C. Turck, who built Los Cedros, one of the finest mansions in Jacksonville. The original planning and engineering for Venetia was completed by George Washington Simon, Jr. (information taken from the Venetia Town Center Vision Plan, City of Jacksonville, Feb. 2005)
If anyone has more information on the history of Jacksonville, please send me an email so I can post it! (

 Here’s the link for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Crime Statistics website, should you need it:  Once you are in the site, click on “address search” and type in your address.  After you enter your address, you will get a screen that features your address with a globe icon to the right of the words “Map it”.  If you click on the globe icon, the page will open to a street map and the crime statistics for a very limited area around the address you entered, as shown by a small highlighted circle on the map.  After a street map is shown for a given address, you can move the arrow over the map (using your computer mouse) to highlight different locations on the map to get the crime statistics for that specific area.  As you would expect, if you move the arrow just a few streets over on the map, the crime statistics may radically change depending on the crime in that area.  It is eye opening when you explore what is happening “just a few streets over”.  The link for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Crime Statistics website is as follows:

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